2020 Winter Appeal Begins:

We are always deeply grateful for the continued support from those of you who respond so generously to our twice yearly shout-out for assistance - and it is that time again.

We have had a few quid to lay out this last few months with tech support from our hosting company (mainly due to the DNS attacks we suffered). To cover those costs, we used up our reserve fund (and Tom weighed in with the balance). So we are targeting £1500 to cover the usual costs of hosting, moderation and support - and hopefully we will be able to start building up our reserve fund also.

Please consider donating what you can using the button below.

A wee word about the monthly subscriptions. They have pretty much dried up altogether, although a few stalwarts are still helping us keep afloat with long term support. We are grateful for that, but we do need to try some way of encouraging folk to subscribe a few quid per month, and that is a focus of this campaign

Please consider subscribing to SFM.
As we have often said, if even a quarter of our readership pledged £3 per month to SFM, we would be more than self-sufficient in terms of funds

Total at Jan 23: £166

Target: £1500

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